The Medical line constitutes a basis of high level with respect to the compressors, medical, for dental surgeries, for laboratory analysis is required where a high purity air. Pressures 0-10BAR, strictly Oiless, so no oil for lubrication. The materials that make these compressors are technologically advanced, in order to offer great benefits in terms of air flow, reliability, air quality and long life of all components assembled to the compressor, minimum maintenance..

In line with the times

Nardi Compressori S.r.l. has designed and developed a full line of compressors for Dental Industry as a complement to a very wide range of products that covers various market niches. Its internal organization and its dynamic structure allows Nardi Compressori to respond swiftly to market trends and meet customer requirements.
Nardi’s Dental compressors are designed and manufactured in-house by our expert technicians with many years of experience in this sector.